Marc Sadler, 2006-2019

A fine and arched line, a flexible sign that magically supports a large diffuser in the air: it is Twiggy, a floor lamp that bends to multiple setting and lighting needs.


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Design and innovation, Twiggy, will seduce you for its aesthetics and functionality. Result of the collaboration between Marc Sadler and Foscarini, it is a sophisticated and at the same time light and cheerful chandelier. The result of research on composite materials, Twiggy has a long flexible and resistant stem like a fishing rod that allows the lighting of its base to be decentralized (length between base and lampshade: 170 cm). The large lampshade (diam. 46 cm) can replace the use of a suspension lighting from above. The extreme fineness of the stem allows it to take up very little space for a discreet visual impact. You can also adjust the height of the shade by placing counterweights on the shade itself (4 counterweights supplied). The height varies from 195 to 215 cm. This version equipped with high efficiency LED sources has been specially studied from a technical point of view to guarantee the same intensity, the same diffusion and the same temperature as the lamp of the original version. The lighting is of great quality: the large opaque diffuser allows optimal management of the LED sources that project a direct light downwards. Furthermore, thanks to the transparency of the upper protection disk, effective lighting by reflection from the ceiling is obtained. A kit consisting of two stem segments can be purchased separately to adapt Twiggy to different contexts: a shorter version, easily usable in small rooms and a larger version, perfect for defining large spaces and ideal for public contexts. This kit allows you to increase the length between the base and the lampshade (from 185 to 200 cm) and also allows you to adjust the height of the lampshade (from 230 to 280 cm).

Twiggy led Foscarini
Twiggy led Foscarini
Product Name

Twiggy LED



Designer and year

Marc Sadler, 2006-2019

Product code


Available versions

white 10, black 20, greige 25, crimson 67, indigo 87


60 cm


from 170 to 200 cm


from 211 to 287 cm

Additional information

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