Random Light II S MOOOI (50 cm)
Bertjan Pot, 2002

Random Light, Moooi’s iconic lamp, available in different sizes, in black and white. Here proposed in the SMALL version with a diameter of 50 cm.

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Random Light, by Moooi was designed by Bertjan Pot, and introduced in the Moooi collection in 2002, immediately becoming a best seller. The manufacturing process is a special story in itself: a strand of resin randomly drained and rolled around an inflatable beach ball that creates a translucent 3D fabric. Made with epoxy resin diffuser reinforced with fiberglass and chromed steel connection.

Random Light II Moooi
Random Light II S Moooi
Random Light II Moooi
Product Name

Random Light II S (50cm)



Designer and year

Bertjan Pot, 2002

Product code


Available versions

White, Black


50 cm


50 cm


50 cm

Additional information

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