Le Bambole ’07 B&B ITALIA – cm. 166
Mario Bellini, 2007

A welcoming and spacious seating system, “Le Bambole” reaffirm their vitality even many years after their creation. What makes “Le Bambole” really special is the apparent absence of a supporting structure.


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The starting idea was that of a bag containing amorphous material which, resting on the ground, crushing itself, modeled the contents. In the joint research developed by the designer together with the Research & Development Center inside the company, the idea then moved towards the shape of the pillow. Thus, between 1970 and 1972 Le Bambole, icons of the seventies and “Compasso d’Oro” were born in 1979. The search for a new form of padded product: a large soft cushion in all its parts. By breaking down Le Bambole into parts, cushions were still obtained, that is a natural, “free” shape, difficult to summarize in a project design, but simple to perceive and analyze. Inside it is a “skeleton”, that is vertical edges or elastic members that merged shape and fabric, to determine a balance between action and reaction. The Dolls, said Bellini, “are not covered in fabric, but built in fabric”. Dolls never get old. What makes them special is the apparent absence of a supporting structure, the extreme naturalness of their shape, the synthesis of comfort, softness and elasticity that their appearance communicates with effective evidence. Le Bambole ’07, in the armchair (Bambola), two-seater sofa (Bibambola) and three-seater sofa (Tribambola) versions, as well as the poufs, have been made removable.

Le Bambole '07 - cm. 166 B&B ITALIA
Le Bambole '07 - cm. 166 B&B ITALIA
Le Bambole '07 - cm. 166 B&B ITALIA
Product Name

Le Bambole '07 – cm. 166


B&B Italia

Designer and year

Mario Bellini, 2007

Product code


Available versions

Asolo Antracite 153, Asolo Orange 570, Asolo White 100, Asolo Ecru 102, Asolo Grey 251, Asolo Brown 300, Asolo Sand 203, Asolo Sasso 258, Asolo Sage green 440


166 cm


89 cm


74 cm

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