Hang it all VITRA
Charles & Ray Eames, 1953

An icon. Charles and Ray Eames in 1953 conceived Hang It All, the coat hanger with a pop taste


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The Hang It All coat hanger, designed in 1953 by Charles & Ray Eames for Vitra, is a valid alternative to the classic coat hanger, a modern and colorful version, capable of bringing joy to the environment in which it is placed. Pop style coat hanger designed to hang bags, coats, caps. Instead of the usual hooks, these colorful wooden balls literally invite children to hang everything up. The distance between the spheres is constant, and becomes a cheerful alternative to boring coat hangers, not only for the children’s room. Its essential line can represent a touch of color or play down the serious air that reigns in the office environment.

Hang it all VITRA
Hang it all VITRA
Hang it all VITRA
Product Name

Hang it all



Designer and year

Charles & Ray Eames, 1953

Product code

201 191

Available versions

Multicolored, White, Red, Green, Black Ash, Walnut, Pine


50,5 cm


17 cm


37 cm

Additional information

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