Groundpiece FLEXFORM cm. 248 x 97
Antonio Citterio, 2001

Groundpiece is the most iconic sofa in the recent history of design. Contact us to find out about all the possible combinations of this splendid sofa, here proposed all in cat fabric. Top in size cm. 248 x 97, with Premium seat and 2 cushions with roll (1 of cm. 100×60 and 1 of cm. 80×60)


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Undisputed bestseller of the entire FLEXFORM production, GROUNDPIECE has revolutionized the concept of the sofa and introduced new proportions and sizes. It is comfortably deep, particularly low and originally deconstructed with large goose down cushions. GROUNDPIECE has changed the way of sitting on the sofa, made it more informal and suitable for new uses. The awareness arises that the functions to be fulfilled are linked to new actions and behaviors. On the sofa you can read, rest, watch TV, but also work on the computer and often even have dinner. This is why some low container elements in metal covered in leather can be inserted into the structure which, by replacing part of the backrest or armrest, become useful support surfaces. With GROUNDPIECE, the formal sitting etiquette, a little staid, is overcome in favor of a more comfortable, relaxed posture. GROUNDPIECE is the breaking of a cliché. Infinitely modular, it relies on an abacus of elements that transform it into a sofa, pouf, chaise longue, storage shelf. GROUNDPIECE is also available in the bed version with upholstered headboard. The metal elements covered in leather also become coffee tables and bedside tables.

groundpiece FLEXFORM
groundpiece FLEXFORM
groundpiece FLEXFORM
Product Name

Groundpiece cm. 208 x 97



Designer and year

Antonio Citterio, 2001

Product code


Available versions

12 fabrics in cat. Top: Tanya 1482, Tanya 1483, Tanya 1484, Tivoli 1030, Tivoli 1031, Tivoli 1032, Tivoli 1033, Tivoli 1034, Todi 240, Todi 242, Todi 273, Todi 274


248 cm


97 cm


56 cm

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