Fontana 1853 FONTANAARTE
Max Ingrand, 1954

An icon and a symbol of style for the famous lamp manufacturer.


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Designed in 1954 by the famous French master glassmaker and decorator Max Ingrand, the lamp was originally named 1853 and later Fontana, precisely in homage to the company of which the Master was Artistic Director for a decade. For design enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the brand’s history, 1853 still remains something of a nickname today. The first symbol of timeless design object, still today a best seller and a timeless icon, Fontana represents the abat-jour par excellence. The peculiarity of Fontana is the multiple lighting: both the base and the lampshade contain one or more light sources. The larger version also allows indirect lighting: an additional light source projects a beam of indirect light upwards. The differentiated lighting allows you to meet multiple lighting needs: from the soft glow of the rest light, to the intense reading light up to an emotional and ambient light, obtained by indirect emission. Also available with LED light sources. A very precious lamp in white satin blown glass, already re-edited in the total black variant, is now proposed in a colorful and original version – light gray and amethyst purple – which reinforces the contemporary nature of the project. “Light and color are certainly the most specific elements in nature. With them we have SERENITY, MOVEMENT, LIFE “declared Max Ingrand. “In reality, the history of architecture tells us what the role of illuminated, opaque, translucent color was in internal and external architecture (…). Light was no longer just a means to breathe life into colors but has become a means to give life to an entire architecture.”

Fontana 1853 FontanaArte
Fontana 1853 FontanaArte
Fontana 1853 FontanaArte
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Designer and year

Max Ingrand, 1954

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Available versions

Small h. 34 cm, Medium h. 53 cm, Large h. 78 cm.


Small Ø 20 cm, Medium Ø 32 cm, Large Ø 47 cm


Small 34 cm, Medium 53 cm, Large 78 cm

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