Caboche Grande FOSCARINI
Patricia Urquiola with Eliana Gerotto, 2005

Caboche lamps transform light into a sparkling composition of transparent spheres: a design jewel that comes from a synthesis of technology and creativity.


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Precious and sophisticated like a jewel, Foscarini Caboche Sospensione conquers space thanks to its light and transparent design. This collection, the perfect expression of a refined and contemporary design typical of Urquiola, is inspired by the timeless charm of pearls. The Caboche crystal effect, which gives the project lightness and transparency, is the result of the set of polymethylmethacrylate spheres fixed to arches and transparent glass diffusers. The result is a perfect play of refractions that releases 360° light, directed on the surface and reflected on the ceiling. A jewel of creativity and technology, Caboche is a best-seller by Foscarini. Available in numerous versions and sizes, it is perfect for giving value and functionality to any environment, domestic or contract.

Caboche grande FOSCARINI
Caboche grande FOSCARINI
Caboche grande FOSCARINI
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Patricia Urquiola with Eliana Gerotto, 2005

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Available versions

Caboche Grande LED transparent dimmable


70 cm


70 cm


28 cm

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