For Opinion Ciatti, design is a field of experimentation and a laboratory of forms. The objects, always intense and expressive, tell of a non-dogmatic research, of a passion for the design gesture, of a reality that combines quality and family tradition. Memory and contemporaneity, roots and vision, a past to draw on to look to the future.
The Ciatti family takes care of the company that bears its name since the 1950s, an entrepreneurial activity that after three generations is still in a phase of full evolution. Today it is a young company full of enthusiasm, which caters to the final consumer as well as the contract universe, carries out important projects and supplies, and creates prestigious collaborations all over the world.
Project after project, object after object, Opinion Ciatti creates distinctive and identifying marks. Modifiable and combinable compositions alongside unique pieces with a strong character, metaphors of a contemporary, free and flexible way of living. Each product has its own identity, inspiration, history. Unique stories, sometimes parallel, sometimes divergent, but linked by a single thread.
Unique stories, conceived and lived in Florence. 100% made in Italy.

GEROSA DESIGN, owner of the LIVE DESIGN website, is an Italian and international reference point (Switzerland, European Union, United States, Asia…) for the entire collection of Opinion Ciatti products.