For more than 30 years Lapalma has been producing furnishings for the contemporary home and for the contract sector, following a common thread that has its roots in the masters of modernity and that connects all the components of the project with clarity of proportions and measurements, in order to obtain a product, recognizable, universal, devoid of ostentation and lasting over time. A reasoned aesthetic that, combined with the use of natural materials such as wood from controlled plantations, leather, wicker, combined with metal and glass, reorders the variety of elements and functions in an accomplished whole. A style that is useful for establishing contact with the environment and everyday things, to experience every moment and situation while savoring even seemingly insignificant details, surrounding oneself with objects capable of creating a calm and reassuring atmosphere.

Quality is an essential component in the lapalma philosophy. This means checking the raw materials used and during the various processing stages, checking the components during assembly and the finished product up to packaging and subsequent shipment. Particular attention is also paid to the machine to test the product in order to ensure its reliability. ISO 9001 certification is used to ensure that products continue to conform to the standard set by the quality program. But quality does not only refer to the product: it also means customer care, adequate service by monitoring customer satisfaction and flexibility in considering special requests from our partners.

GEROSA DESIGN, owner of the LIVE DESIGN website, is an Italian and international reference point (Switzerland, European Union, United States, Asia…) for the entire collection of Lapalma products.