The history of Baxter begins in 1990 in the creative hub of Italian design and a rich pool of skilled labor, from a great entrepreneurial dream. An encounter between ancient artisan tradition, experience and creative energy, which has developed and grown over time, fueled by an infinite passion for what is beautiful, well done, designed and built to convey emotions. A family business, a concept that also extends to the relationship with all the staff and distribution, with which a real symbiosis is established that allows us to work and grow together.
Baxter has been ISO 14001 certified since 2005 and still makes eco-sustainability one of its guiding principles. Since 2011 it has had a new headquarters which is the first Class A certified “Climate House” for public use in Europe. It is a workplace with a low environmental impact where light, exposure to the sun and the materials used generate a high level of comfort and a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding environment.

GEROSA DESIGN, owner of the LIVE DESIGN website, is an Italian and international point of reference (Switzerland, European Union, United States, Asia…) for the entire collection of Baxter products.