The Artemide Group is a world leader in the high-end residential and professional lighting sector.

Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, President and CEO, the Artemide Group is based in Pregnana Milanese and operates through 24 subsidiaries and associates and a distribution network that includes almost 60 single-brand showrooms in the main cities of the world. Artemide products are distributed in 83 different countries.

With 5 production plants in Italy, France, Hungary and the United States, 2 glass factories and 2 research and development plants in Italy and France, the Group currently employs about 700 units, of which 59 are involved in research and development activities, thus confirming the primary role of innovation as a key factor for the success of the Group.

The high design content, the high level of technological innovation, the products conceived according to personal needs, as well as the constant investments in marketing and communication are the key factors that have allowed Artemide to become one of the brands of lighting fixtures, best known and most prestigious in the world.

Known for its “The Human Light” philosophy, which places man and the pursuit of his well-being at the center of the conception and design of its products, Artemide has always been synonymous with Design, Innovation and Made in Italy.

GEROSA DESIGN, owner of the LIVE DESIGN website, is an Italian and international reference point (Switzerland, European Union, United States, Asia…) for the entire collection of Artemide products.